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How to Navigate this Diary

The top of a typical page has has two icons (see cars above) and a central logo. Clicking the left or right icon will take you to the previous or next page, while the logo will go to the calendar for the year or back up the hierarchy. Using a keyboard's left or right arrows are equivalent to clicking the left or right icons. IMPORTANT: The icons or keyboard arrows are the only way to access a day's second or third page. Touchscreen gestures are not supported.

A blue ribbon on the left of the page contains the dates of the month. Clicking any number is a shortcut to only the first page of that day. You can also go to any day of the year or month by clicking the logo at top of the page to access the calendar, and from there to the first page of any day of the year, or any year's calendar. The ribbon you can see here has only one entry — 12th of November, 1941 — the start of the diary.

Some days have multiple pages in a vertical format, with in-page links at the top as a hint. Click those links or just scroll down to access lower pages.

In-paragraph links (bold typeface) are only to maps in this site. No links go to external websites. Where an image caption says "click", it's usually to view a larger image (keyboard arrows ignore these). Click the map or image to return to the original page.

Index pages show dates where an entry appears in the diary, such as "411112, 24" for the 12th and 24th of November, 1941. A date does not link to that date's page. Bold typeface entries in the index link only to maps.