Diary Maps


  Imperial Powers and Resources — 1940
  Japanese Expansionism — 1941
  Pacific Theater Overview
    Marshalls,  Gilberts,  Bismarcks,  Solomons
    New Guinea,  Marianas,  Palaus,  Iwojima


  Philippine Regions and Population Centers
  Topographic Map of the Philippines (No Labels)

MANILA:   Manila Overview   Pasig & Ports Overview


    Caloocan & Grace Park Airfield
    Tondo Area Overview
      San Nicolas Detail
    Business District & Escolta Detail
    Santo Tomas University & Bilibid Prison Detail
    Quiapo & San Miguel District
    San Miguel District, Malacañang Detail
    Santa Mesa, Sampaloc, Pandacan
      Manga Avenue Detail
      Sampaloc Detail
    Santa Mesa Heights & Northern Cemeteries
      San Lazaro Detail
    San Francisco del Monte
    New Manila, San Juan, Pinaglabanan
    Cubao, Rosario Heights, Hillcrest
    Camp Murphy & Zablan Airfield
    Quezon City Quadrangle
    Marikina Estate, Balara Water Filters
    Wack Wack Golf, Pasig Auxiliary Strip


    Port District, Manila Hotel
    Government Buildings District
    Paco—Pandacan Overview
      Paco Detail, Provisor Island
      Pandacan Detail, National Development
    Santa Ana District
    Ermita Malate Overview
      Ermita Detail
      Malate Detail
      South Malate Detail, Rizal Stadium, La Salle
    Pasay Detail, San Rafael, Polo Club
    Nielson Airfield
    Nichols Airfield
    Fort McKinley, Guadalupe